I In front of you today, under Non Veg Recipe, 7 Forts of chicken curry recipe Want to share In this mold style. This recipe is The method of making it 7 kilo chicken in four steps. Are. First of all, chicken in clear water. Wash. Add turmeric powder, coriander powder and marinated it. Then the chicken in the embroidery. Fry is done Then the chicken’s gravy is prepared. Put chicken masala in chicken curry. All is done. You try once to make it this way. This recipe to you Of course it will be like. And in the Indian Recipes For You Recipe for chicken recipe made from chicken recipe and recipe for chicken roast. Can read. Let’s know. 7 Forts of chicken curry recipe

7 kg chicken curry recipe in hindi basic info :-Nonvej Recipe ,For thirty persons this recipe,30 minutes at the time

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