Crispy bacon as in the USA

Who has never drooled in front of his small screen, watching families from the US series eat a bacon all stiff with their eggs?
Why does Mac Do put us super soft bacon in our burgers, Ronald is not he ?

At one point I thought that eventually, the series had to lie to us … until I found myself in Bryce Canyon (Utah), in front of a small buffet already as I had long dreamed, with a tray of canteen FILLED with slices of bacon just as stiff and crisp as each other.

I still think you know … you will not believe me but this night I dreamed … (I’m afraid anyway :-D) … probably because I knew that today I’ll talk about it ( yeah we’ll say that).

crispy bacon as in the USA

So how are they doing?

The first thing is not to buy bacon precisely.

These round slices that are sold to us are neither US bacon nor British bacon.

You have to buy “thin slices of smoked breast” .

Then you put them on baking paper, and bake them .

We will have to test because each oven is different, but overall, fifteen minutes at 200 ° is not bad!

You’ll see your bacon shudder, sparkle, curl, and stiffen .

Once cooked, put between 2 leaves of sopalin.

Leaving the oven it will not be ”  crispy ” yet, but cooling it will become!
Edit: I did it again yesterday with the brand Monique Ranou intermarché, it came out of the oven crisp hot, rhâââ too good!

IF it did not work, try the grill position .

How to use it ?

– crumbled in a salad

– between 2 slices of multi-grain bread with seeds + avocado + salad + mayo

– with eggs

– in a croque monsieur

– with English muffins

– with meat

– in burgers

– etc etc etc …