How to cook a corncob?

If you go to one of the many straw hat network picking points  , be tempted by the picking of the corncobs. Back to childhood for some, discovery for others. And treat assured for all!

Last week, I went back to the Viltain farm to pick my fruits and vegetables, which is part of the Chapeau de Paille network . It is a real pleasure to take the wheelbarrow and go from plots to plots to choose carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples or pumpkin to the sandstone of his desires …

Cooking a corncob
This time I cracked for ears of corn  ! Have you ever picked ears in a field  ? It’s quite funny because the corn plants are very big. It was one of my favorite playgrounds when I went on vacation to my grandmother’s house!

Ears of corn
How to choose corncobs?
The grains must be tender and slightly sweet. We can even taste them raw! Those of the Viltain farm were white enough but sweet, so I still tried!

Cooking corn on the cob
And surprise when cooking  : the ears become yellow! Allow about 15 minutes and enjoy them still hot with a knob of half-salted butter! A recipe suggestion:

For 4 people
Preparation time: 5 min
Cooking time: 25 min

4 ears of corn
salt, Espelette pepper

1. Cut the ears into pieces with a thick knife.
2. Dip them in a large saucepan of salted boiling water.
3. Cook about 15 minutes, the grains should be tender. (You can also try cooking faster, 5 min only – see the comment of a surfer)
4. Drain them and prick them on both sides with toothpicks.
5. They are ready to eat, but for a tasty touch, place them on the barbecue grill and let them brown on each side.
6. Sprinkle with melted butter, salt and sprinkle with Espelette pepper. Taste your teeth!