Fresh slices of bacon cooked in the oven

This is a simple and quick dish that saves dinner. It is baked to avoid splashing greasy throughout the kitchen and making smoke at home. It’s also a very cheap dish, in short you can’t just eat prawns !!! We must take a look at the price of shopping every now and then.

2/4 slices of fresh bacon, salt, pepper, juniper berries, a few drops of lemon, aromas, mixed aromas

Prepare the slices a little before leaving them to marinate with the juniper berries, salt, pepper, mixed aromas, even dry (or the salt flavored with all tastes) and a few drops of lemon. Let it rest for about half an hour.

After marinating, clean the slices a little with kitchen paper and put them in the oven. The slices cook a little, about 15 minutes at 180 ° and then a couple of minutes with the grill. I use a baking sheet with the grill so that they strain the fat.

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The recipes of  flavored salt can be  found among the basic preparations.