I In front of you today, under Non Veg Recipe, 7 Forts of chicken curry recipe Want to share In this mold style. This recipe is The method of making it 7 kilo chicken in four steps. Are. First of all, chicken in clear water. Wash. Add turmeric powder, coriander powder and marinated it. Then the chicken in the embroidery. Fry is done Then the chicken’s gravy is prepared. Put chicken masala in chicken curry. All is done. You try once to make it this way. This recipe to you Of course it will be like. And in the Indian Recipes For You Recipe for chicken recipe made from chicken recipe and recipe for chicken roast. Can read. Let’s know. 7 Forts of chicken curry recipe

7 kg chicken curry recipe in hindi

basic info :-
Nonvej Recipe ,
For thirty persons this recipe,
30 minutes at the time of preparation,
Cooking time is 55 minutes,
Types of prescriptions: 7 Forts The method of making chicken curry.
Works. :- two
Equipment Required: –
Mickey Grider,
15 liters of tapeli,
The materials for making 7 kg chicken curry are as follows. : –
Chicken : – Seven Forts Chicken Cleaned And bigger – bitten in bigger pan.
Onion : – half kilo onions finely chopped,
Green Chillies : – 50 grams of green chillies finely chopped,
Lemon : – Seven lemon juice,
Red Chilli Powder : – 100 grams of red chilli powder,
Turmeric Powder : – Two T Spoon Turmeric Powder,
Tomatoes : – half a kilo tomatoes puree,
Ginger : – 20 grams of ginger crispy,
Garlic : – 40 grams of garlic paste,
Chicken Masala : – Four T Spun Chicken Masala,
Oil : – 250 mL, Oil Saraso Oil,
Curry Leaf : – Four twigs aromatic curry leaves,
Water : – Four glasses of water,
Salt : – According to Swand,
7 kg chicken curry recipe Stage by stages are in this way with pictures. : –

First of all you wash the chicken thoroughly in clean water. And keep it in the continuation of rice. And ginger – clean the garlic and take the rump. And chop the onion finely and then cut onion. Wash the tomatoes in clean water. Put them in a jar of mica. Make the tomato puree.

Stap 2

Now you take a cup. in that. Cleaned chicken And in that According to Swand, add salt and four tea spoon turmeric powder, four tea spun coriander powder, lemon juice, two twigs and aromatic curry leaves. Mix all the mixture well.

Stap 3

Now you take one embroidery. in that. Heat oil by adding 100 ml of oil. When the oil is well heated. By putting marinated chicken. Roast. Up until 30 minutes – till the chicken roasted.

Stap 4

Now you take a 15-liter tappelle. in that. By adding 150 ml of oil. Heat oil. When oil is heated Put the grated garlic, onion, ginger, green chilli in the frying pan. Fry As long as the onion color is golden color.

Stage 5

Now you add 100 red chili powder. Up to 2 minutes Fry And by adding two glasses of water, pour two glasses of water. Mix all the mixture well And when – until in spices Until oil separates. Fry
Stap 6

Now you add fried embroidery chicken. Mix the chicken well. And by putting two glasses of water, tomato puree. Up to 15 minutes Shaking all the mixture. Cook it And get rid of the sand.

Stap 7

Now you in that. 4 t spoon chicken masala, put two twigs aromatic curry leaves. Mix well. Cover and cover Keep it for 10 minutes. And serve all
note :-
After marinating the chicken in oil. Fry well. By which in the chicken. The spice of masala will be more.
suggestion :-
Chicken curry in Cashew paste, you can use two spoons of Kasuri fenugreek.
In the chicken. Mix turmeric powder, coriander powder, lemon juice and mix it. Mix well and keep it in one side for 30 minutes.
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