Cook corn in just 10 minutes – Make yourself a supply for the winter!

The wedding of the harvest has arrived. You have already learned with me how you apple sauce makes and also einkocht . Today I will describe to you and close to heart how you cook corn. Corn is my absolute favorite vegetable. Of course, it’s full of carbohydrates and makes sure that my butt will never be the size of a model.

But you know something? But now I have maize in stock and can always open a glass for me.

Canned corn
As you have probably noticed, I try to avoid packaging as much as possible . So that means that corn has been canned – for almost a year now. My heart is bleeding a bit since then. In the health food store, I found corn cooked in a small glass. But honestly: 2 € for 100g of corn? I do not see that!

Cooking corn: It only takes 10 minutes
And these 10 minutes are really worthwhile. My kids love corn and I have a craving for it.

Cooking utensils for corn
Large cooking pot with lid
sharp knife
Ingredients for cooking corn for 4 people
AT LEAST 4 corncobs
Cooking sweetcorn preparation
First, you remove the husk of the corncob and as far as it goes, the hairs. Now you take the sharp knife and cut the corn down from the thick side. This is very fast and very easy. All around you cut down the whole sweetcorn.

I cut the corn kernels from the flask directly into the saucepan.

Then I fill the saucepan with water so far that the whole corn is covered. Of course, the corn grains are floating on top, but that does not matter. Add salt, cover and bring to a boil. When the water boils, the corn kernels need about 10 minutes. You can snack and try in between.

Cook corn on the cob
Nearby, of course, is to buy corn on the cob and cook directly.

Cook utensils for corn on the cob
A large saucepan with a lid

Ingredients Cook corn on the cob for 4 people
AT LEAST 4 corncobs
Cooking corncobs
Bring the water to a boil with a little salt. Put the corn on the cob, cover on the pot and set an alarm clock for 15 minutes. Good Appetite!

Vorgegarten cooking corn
Everything that is pre-cooked or pre-cooked does not belong on my shopping list. But I realize that there are almost only prepacked corncobs in German supermarkets. In that case, you only need to heat the corncobs in the boiling water for 5 minutes.

Of course, you can grill the corn pre-cooked well.

Grill corncobs
If you want to grill the corncob, you have different options:

If you buy (or harvest) raw corncobs, place them on the grill until they turn dark yellow and start to smell. That takes about 15 minutes. With a little salt and butter grilled corncobs are a dream.

The second and faster option is to grill the pre-cooked corncobs. Same procedure, but only takes about 1 minute.

Do you want to cook sweetcorn and keep it for the winter?
Cooking corn for winter

Then prepare the corn, as described above in the saucepan . However, you only bring the water to a boil briefly. Then you can fill the corn kernels already. As the water begins to boil, you sterilize the jars and lids.

For this you take a large saucepan with lid and put in glasses and lid. With a little boiling water sterilize everything for 10 minutes. Now you put everything on a kitchen towel. In no case should the hot glasses reach directly onto a cold kitchen worktop. The glass could shatter.

With a funnel *, and ladle, I now fill the corn grains in the glasses. This proposed funnel is made of stainless steel. The opening is larger than usual. Thank you, Mom, for this gift.??

I leave the water away, so it does not take the place. Now comes in the full glasses of hot, boiled water. I take that from the kettle.

I’m just describing it here so you know, step by step, how easy it is to cook corn for the winter! Do not worry, I do not think you are stupid!

So now screw cap on the corn-glasses and put them back in the saucepan. Fill the saucepan until the glasses are 2/3 in the water. I ALWAYS use the water from sterilizing. Then you heat the water in the saucepan to 100 ° C (yes, it boils), reduce the heat input and cook the corn for 30 minutes .


Remove hot (REALLY hot) jars from the pot, put them back on the kitchen towel and let cool slowly.

Voila! You have corn for the winter as a supply!

I used quite large glasses (yoghurt). At 20 corncobs I filled 14 large glasses.

Have fun!